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Microsoft Access is a database solution that allows you to effectively track, report and share information. It belongs to the so called Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Office contributes to your success by building connections between people, the information they possess and the business processes they support. AS Computertraining offers custom Microsoft Office training. From beginner to expert we can help you unleash the power of Microsoft Office and unlock your full potential.

Access Course descriptions

You can book Access in English language as customized course or individual training. We tailor content, schedule, meeting place and date to your specific needs.

Our MS Access 2010, Access 2013 or Access 2016 courses will teach you to fully leverage the power and functionality of this powerful business application. Have a look into some course outlines to decide which level you are at:

MS Access Basics

Training Objectives:

How do I manage my Data? Everywhere are numerous types of Data; Addresses, Numbers, Projects etc… Microsoft Access provides you with many possibilities to handle the flood of data. In this Seminar you will learn the correct handling with your databases. You will create your own Database and learn more about the individual Objects as; Tables, Query, Forms and Reports.

Course Prerequisites: PC and Windows Basics; Basics in Microsoft Excel or comparable programs

Course Description:

  • Basics and considerations needed for creating a Database
  • MS Access application window
  • Creating Tables
  • Data types in Access Tables (Text, Number, Date/Time etc…)
  • Working with Tables (Data entry, sort, delete and filter)
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Create Forms and using multiple designs
  • Entering data to Forms and editing the field properties
  • Create Reports and multiple report designs
  • Print Reports
  • Create and Edit Query
  • Using different Criteria (Text, Numbers, from - to, blank fields, Yes/No etc…)
  • Create calculations in Query
  • Links in Query
  • Basics for usage of multiple Tables
  • Tips and Tricks

Duration: 2 days

MS Access Advanced

Training Objectives:

You would like to create a new Database for the company? Do you have to edit and manage existing Databases? If yes, then this Seminar is the correct one for you. Participants will achieve to understand complex databases and be able to design new ones. You will learn advance techniques needed to create Tables, Query, Forms and Reports. In addition we will show you how the usage of Macros can automate your database tasks.

Course Prerequisites: PC and Windows knowledge; Basic knowledge in Microsoft Access

Course Description:

  • How do I plan and design a new Database?
  • The Database design: normalization of Databases
  • The field data types and definitions in Tables
  • Primary key and Indexes
  • Relationships with Tables - enforce referential Integrity
  • Different Link Types
  • Advanced Form designs with sub forms (one-to-many, many-to-many relationship)
  • Usage of Command buttons in Forms (Create Start form)
  • Complex Queries with Relations
  • Evaluations, Calculations and Groups in Queries
  • Creating and designing Reports
  • Automation with Macros
  • Tips and Tricks

Duration: 2 days

Access Courses offered

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