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Microsoft Project is a robust project management tool with the right blend of usability, power and flexibility. It belongs to the so called Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft Office contributes to your success by building connections between people, the information they possess and the business processes they support. AS Computertraining offers custom Microsoft Office training. From beginner to expert we can help you unleash the power of Microsoft Office and unlock your full potential.

Project Course descriptions

You can book MS Project in English language as customized course or individual training. We tailor content, schedule, meeting place and date to your specific needs.

Our MS Project 2010, Project 2013 or Project 2016 courses will teach you to fully leverage the power and functionality of this powerful business application. Have a look into some course outlines to decide which level you are at:

MS Project Basics

Training Objectives:

This course introduces students to some of the basic tools in Project 2000 that allow them to become more efficient project managers. Students will briefly explore the basics of project management, including creating deadlines, baselines, and tasks.

Course Prerequisites: PC and Windows Basics;

Course Description:

  • Introduction to the MS Project user interface
  • Different MS Project views:
    • Calendar
    • Tracking
    • Gantt-chart
    • network diagram
    • filter
    • groups
  • Define and customize a new project
  • Working with tasks and resources
  • Linking tasks (finish to start, start to start, finish to finish)
  • Recognizing and defining the critical path
  • Using timelines, milestones and deadlines
  • Working with duration/work/unit
  • Handling costs
  • Creating reports and analysis
  • Tracking the project progress
  • Working with progress lines
  • Using baselines
  • Defining working time

Duration: 2 days

MS Project Advanced

Training Objectives:

The Microsoft Project Advanced course has been created for those people who wish to build on their knowledge of MS Project. The course continues from an introductory knowledge point and allows the candidate to see further extended features of the program together with their uses and benefits. At the end of the course the delegate will be able to demonstrate an advanced working knowledge of the MS Project application.

Course Prerequisites: PC and Windows Basics; Basic Knowledge in Microsoft Project

Course Description:

  • Recapitulation of basic know how
  • Configure and customize MS Project
    • Views
    • Fields
    • Tables
    • Working time
  • Formatting a Gantt-chart
  • Customize forms and reports
  • Handling conflicts and deadlines
  • Customize toolbars
  • Management of large Projects (Resource pool, Linking subprojects)
  • Split and combine projects
  • Data exchange with other Office Tools
  • Automation with macros

Duration: 2 days

MS Project Courses offered

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