Best Seminars and trainings for you!

For more than 20 years we have been offering IT, Soft Skills trainings and solutions for our clients. If your organisation needs customized courses, a modern classroom rental or want to enroll for a public class, just give us a call and we'll set it up with what you need.

Customized - on site training

Our customized courses are based on standard classes that are then tailored to your needs by adapting the schedule, meeting place and applications to fit with your particular agenda. The instructor can include 'real' examples from your company. For IT trainings we can also use or build up around the exact company environment (logins, file server, templates, resources, intranet). For Soft Skills Seminars we can take into account your organizational specifics, company culture or Human Resource requirements. Class customization takes into account the skills or skill level of your employees and works from their starting point to get them to their desired point. Many times a customized class can cut through various contents that may be redundant to the attendees and gets more directly into the group’s specific needs. This focused, cost-effective training option can save you up to 30-40% or more compared to individual tuition prices.

If a customized training is not what you need, we can also offer

Public classes

We offer regularly scheduled open-enrollment classes covering many different IT subject areas as well as various Soft Skills topics. These classes are a great way for companies to supplement group training or to have many employees trained without having everyone out of the office at once. We offer the courses at different levels such as intro, intermediate and advanced. The enrollment is as easy as getting to our training center close to the Munich East - railway station, where the open classes take place.

We care about

If you enroll for one of our classes, regardless whether it is a public class or a customized on-site training, we care about

  • working with a reliable and experienced team of instructors
  • knowledge transfer in a relaxed learning environment
  • that you enjoy learning at a comfortable pace
  • that you can bring all your questions and challenges into the session and we jointly find a solution.
  • that every student is using the latest IT technology
  • each student has his/her own workstation and time for independent, hands-on practice.
  • offering trainings for small study groups (not more than 8 students)
  • offering examples based on practical work
  • supporting you not only during the seminar, but when you need us