Coach on Demand - Online Support

You are stuck on an office problem. 'How does this work?' or 'Who would know this?' Everybody knows such a situation. Often a lot of time is spent to find a solution. Sometimes even a co-worker tries to find the answer, even if he or she is not a real expert.

No matter whether Excel, Word, Access or PowerPoint - an apparently simple question often grows to a time and cost intensive problem. How does mail merge work? How to set the right criteria in Access? Regardless whether it is a short question or a longer lasting project, you need some assistance from time to time.

An individual trainer (Coach on Demand) supports you exactly there, where you've stopped - fast and effectively. The result comes stress free and is saving cost.


  • Over the phone: Call us and explain where you need help. Many times our experts can give you right away the problem solving hint.

Sometimes it is not that easy to explain exactly what you need via phone. So just show us your problem. We offer two ways for you:

  • Online Meeting: You show us the problem online.
  • Online Support: You show us the problem and allow us to access your computer software.

AS Computertraining is using GoToMeeting or MS Teams as Software for Online meetings and Online support.

Or if you have your own Conferencing system in use, we are happy to use yours.

Your advantage:

  • Fast and straightforward help if required.
  • Targeted and uncomplicated training method
  • Teaching time = Working time = Accomplished Deliverable
  • Cost-efficient (no travel expenses, you pay only for the 'real' working hours)

Online Support means:

  • Applicable anywhere
  • Save (the Software used, e.g. Net Viewer, is certified with encoded data transfer)
  • Takes away burden from your IT department, as we solve software problems directly
  • No additional Software installation needed (you just need to execute a file we send you via email)

Contact us. We look forward to supporting you with the best IT Training solution.