One on One

This 'coaching' service is customized to each user's individual needs and is most useful for those individuals who are faced with an IT question, they cannot find an easy and fast answer.

Teaching time = Working time = Accomplished Deliverable

You get fast and efficient help at your desk ('training on the job'). We cover exactly the material you need and jointly develop the solution of your problem, regardless whether it is a question related to an Office application, macros or an analysis you need. You learn a new program, a new feature or work through the key questions you have at the moment.

It's your choice, whether you like to come to our training center or whether we visit you.

An instructor can also support you during a longer project. We schedule a number of sessions as needed and dependent on the upcoming questions you have. Before each session the topics are jointly defined.

  • Maximise your IT investment
  • Become more productive and save time
  • Use Microsoft Office and the Internet to its maximum potential
  • Learn new skills, reduce stress and much more....


A very important and urgent PowerPoint presentation with Video- and Audio integration has to be developed. You schedule a 2-3 hour session with our instructor. You learn all the needed features and jointly develop the ready-to-use presentation. Your working time equals teaching time.


A team in your organisation needs to manage a new project with Microsoft Project. Your team gets a basic introduction to the application and learns all the key features needed. Our instructor accompanies your team during the different phases of the project. For all key questions and challenges the expert is there. After the project ends we can additionally deliver a 'Lessons Learned' training.

Contact us. We look forward to supporting you with the best IT Training solution.