Large Group Computer Training

Your sales force gets new notebooks with new applications loaded and/or a new VPN connection. If you have a need to inform a large group of people about an IT related topic talk to us. We put together the material, present and teach it to large groups. This method is an excellent way to save both time and costs.

This seminar version was developed to address the 'hot' issues of your helpdesk and to ensure that big groups of your workforce get the information fast and efficiently.

The following topics are there for you, ready to use. All of them are 2 - 3 hours in length and can be effectively presented to groups with up to 25 people:

Computer Virus, Bugs and other Office risks

This presentation is targeted to the entire workforce of an organisation and explains the subject IT security. We show how a computer virus or hoaxes could harm the entire organisation. We provide tips and tricks, and how to identify dangerous emails. We also demonstrate how unintentionally information is distributed outside the company and how this can be prevented. As needed we include Company specific regulations and email policies.

Fighting information overload – Correct usage of voice- and email

In close cooperation with your IT department and by bearing in mind IT policies, we demonstrate strategies to handle the increasing amount of voice- and e-mails. How to protect your workforce from spam emails? How to stop information overload?

Talk to us. We look forward to supporting you with the best IT Training solution.