Business and Soft Skills

Do you stand out from the rest of your peers? Want outstanding results from your team?

Just knowing how to use software or hardware does not in itself make a good employee or manager. To be successful in today's competitive business environment requires having a broad range of up-to-date business and soft skills. Help your employees become better workers and managers. Our Business and Soft Skills courses cover an array of topics.

AS Computertraining supports you with courses in Leadership, Communication, Selfmanagement, and Project Management and provides you with the skills that are needed to set you apart from the rest.

Before we deliver your training, we talk to you to discuss your situation, the working environment and the needs and personalities of each delegate. We agree objectives for the training, then tailor the course exactly to your needs. Our high quality business and soft skill training programs cover best practices, strategies, useful information and practical insights that have direct relevance in today's multi-dimensional workplace.

Training courses offered

Management and Supervisory Skills

  • Situational Leadership: The right intervention at the right time
  • Remote Leadership: Being a virtual boss
  • Coaching: Developing effective Leadership
  • Turning Managerial Challenges into Positive Results
  • Managing Conflicts to positive results
  • Leading through Change: Successful transition within manager roles
  • Making the transition to supervisor and managing others
  • Management Check: Leadership Skills and guiding profile

Communication Skills

  • Assertiveness: Getting results without authority
  • Harmony or solution: Active conflict solving
  • Do what’s right: Negotiation to win
  • Communication Check: Communication & Personality
  • Effective Presentation and Confident Communication

Organization, Self- and Projectmanagement

  • MindManager/MindMapping (Basics & Advanced)
  • Effective Presentation Development with Confidence and Control
  • Die neue deutsche Rechtschreibung
  • Email Time Management
  • Foundation of Project Management
  • Managing Projects using Microsoft Project
  • Successful project management for small projects
  • Project management methods and techniques

If you are interested in these training topics and would like to get more details, don't hesitate to contact us.