Ready for Graphic & DTP

Get in touch with your creative side. Attending AS Computertraining design and media classes will give you all the tools you need to create some of the most innovative and attractive websites, e-learning modules, brochures and graphics in the industry.

Only your imagination can limit what today's design tools offer. You'll use professional programs coming i.e. from Adobe or Corel to gain the creative skills you need to succeed in Media, Web and Print design.

We offer the following course types:

  • Intro
    This class does not require any previous knowledge.
  • Advanced
    After this class you've learnt how to take full advantage of all the key feature of the specific software product.
  • Workshops
    If you are interested on a very specific subject. A workshop session is a intensive class where you learn the various tips and tricks

Free of charge hotline

After attending one of our open courses each student may call our free of charge hotline. Data shows, that 80% of these questions can be handled right on the phone. This offers you best help on demand.

Training Courses offered

Please contact us to get more details on the various courses that we offer in English. We look forward to supporting you with the best IT training solution.