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Microsoft Outlook is an integrated solution for managing your time and information, connecting across boundaries. It belongs to the so called Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft Office contributes to your success by building connections between people, the information they possess and the business processes they support. AS Computertraining offers custom Microsoft Office training. From beginner to expert we can help you unleash the power of Microsoft Office and unlock your full potential.

Outlook Course descriptions

You can book Outlook in English language as customized course or individual training. We tailor content, schedule, meeting place and date to your specific needs.

Our MS Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016 courses will teach you to fully leverage the power and functionality of one of the world’s most important business applications. Have a look into some course outlines to decide which level you are at:

Microsoft Outlook Complete

Training Objectives:

In this seminar you will learn the Microsoft Outlook basics for your daily tasks. You will practice how to send and receive Emails. Learn and understand the Calendar and Tasks options. At the end of this Seminar participants will not only be able to work effectively with Contacts but also be able to customize the program for your individual needs.

Course Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the PC and Windows operating system

Course Description:

  • Learning about the Outlook environment
  • Working with the E-Mail functions
  • Sending and receiving E-Mails
  • Dealing with attachments
  • E-Mail Options
  • Working with Contacts
  • Creating and using Contacts
  • Forward Contacts
  • Using Contacts for E-Mail, appointments and tasks
  • Working with Outlook Calendar
  • Creating appointments
  • Plan Meeting requests
  • Grouping Timetables
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Creating, assigning and working with Tasks
  • Recurring appointments
  • Creating Archives
  • Creating Outlook Folders
  • Out-of-Office assistant
  • Using Rules Wizard to organize your messages
  • Assigning permissions and sharing Outlook folders

Duration: 1 day

Outlook Courses offered

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