Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Linux Mail

Today’s technology moves forward at unprecedented speeds. Not keeping pace will leave you with an outdated skill set and limited opportunities. We can help you to stay ahead of the curve.

AS Computertraining provides a variety of highly customized technical courses that allows you to get the training you need while not wasting time and money on things you don't need. If you want a course on Windows Server 2008 with a bit of Exchange and/or some insights into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server technology, we can make it happen. We tailor the content of the training to your needs. Our instructors are also integrators and IT administrators who are actively working with the product when not teaching. They are instructors with real world experience, so you will benefit from having not only trainers with book knowledge using the product in a 'clean' environment.

For some courses we offer intro and advanced level, that enables you to first gain some basic knowledge within a specific subject, later on you can decide, whether to deepen your knowledge by enrolling for an advanced course. Advanced training courses are for those who passed the intro courses or have already some experience in system administration or operating systems.

All German language classes can be offered in English. Please contact us for more information on operating system and system administration classes such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Linux, Unix, Sun Solaris, Apache Webserver and more. We tailor each of our courses and workshops to your organization's deployment needs.

Training Courses offered

Please contact us to get more details on the various courses that we offer in English. We look forward to supporting you with the best IT training solution.